Baseball Camps

large group training.


Baseball camps are great for parents who are looking to take their childs baseball skills to the next level, meet new friends, and learn the value of hard work and dedication. We separate the participants into groups based on age and skill level, that way no one is getting taught something that they're not ready or too advanced for. 

The camps are usually held on weekends and the number of hours of camp time vary during each season and program. Our 3 coaches will focus on skill development through small group work and one-on-one instruction, including practice and game situations that rely on the use of teamwork as well as individual skills.

Our camp is highly innovated and differs from standard baseball practices you will see from other organizations. We highly recommend camps to all skill levels as it is fun and the most affordable way to get the proper training your child deserves!

Please contact us for prices on our baseball camps.

Weekly training

weekly training sessions - Mondays & Wednesdays

1x per week (paid monthly) - $160 

Unlimited (paid monthly) - $300

  • Video swing analysis

  • Personalized break down of mechanics

  • Bat & arm speed tracking

  • Improve speed and agility

  • Improve mental approach to offensive & defensive strategies


Custom gear, designed for you.


  • Shorts

  • Under Armour T-Shirt

  • Under Armour SackPack

* products come custom with the NBT logo & players last name


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